Travel Angel Charm

Travel Angel Charm
AngelStar Travel Angel Worry Stone 2


Travel Angel Charm  from AngelStar

Wherever you may wander
Wherever you may roam…

May the Angels journey with you
And safely bring you home.


  • Stone includes gift envelope
  • Angel inspired product
  • Highly collectable for the angel enthusiast

Suggested Uses for this Stone:

As you hold the stone in your hand, imagine the Angels’ calm presence surrounding you. Carry the stone in your pocket or purse to use as a touch stone or a reminder… Some may use it as a worry stone to let go of stress and worries. Place the stone in an area where each time you see it you will think positive. Remember: Attitude ca change everything! Give the Archangel as a gift to a friend, someone you love, or pass it along to a stranger.

However used, know that this stone has come to you for a reason.

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