Small Tibetan Bell & Dorje

Small Tibetan Bell & Dorje

Small Tibetan Bell & Dorje

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Small Tibetan Bell & Dorje

This small Tibetan Bell & Dorje produces a beautiful bell tone combined with attractive decorative metalwork and comes with vajra/dorje.

Solid metal cast bell known as a ghanta in Buddhism, it represents the female principle which symbolises wisdom and purpose. Bells like this are commonly used in many Hindu rituals such as puja and is believed to summon Devas and chase away Asuras.

This bell comes with a Vajra, known as a Dorje in Tibet. Translated, the word means both thunderbolt and diamond and the item symbolically represents the indestructibility of the diamond and the force of the thunderbolt.

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Approx: 12cm High
Origin: Nepal

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