‘Shekere’ – Baby Calabash

‘Shekere’ – Baby Calabash

'Shekere' - Baby Calabash


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‘Shekere’ – Baby Calabash

‘Shekere’ – Baby Calabash – Made in Ghana these amazing instruments are made from a gourd with dozens of Job’s tear beads. They are usually played held by the neck and percussed between the hand and leg, emitting a lovely ‘chichichi’ sound that goes brilliantly with djembe music. Their size and shape vary, as the size of the gourd varies from season to season, but these are the smaller of the batch.

Made in Ghana from hollowed out gourds
Covered with net of Job’s tears beads
Great sound, goes great with djembes
Handmade and Fair Trade

Very Approx: 15cm
Origin: Ghana

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