Natural Agate Quartz Slice

Natural Agate Quartz Slice
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Natural Agate Quartz Slice

A Stunning Natural Agate Quartz Slice. This High Quality Crystal Slice would make a lovely display piece for your home.

Agate is a good crystal for confidence. This stunning crystal piece has a Black Agate outer with deep, warm Orange stripes that lead to a Quartz centre.

It’s also be used for Balancing Yin Yang energy, protection and healing. Historically, agate was used when cooking, by placing the crystal in the water in the belief that it dispelled sickness.

Quartz is known for it’s great healing properties . These properties make this Crystal an excellent tool for recharging various crystals or for healing and recharging your own energy.

Let this beautiful Crystal nourish you and pour loving energy and good vibes into your home for you and your family and loved ones.


  • Height: 18cm
  • Width: 16cm
  • Depth: 0.5cm

Please note given the nature of this product, there may be imperfections.

This is just one of our many One -Off crystal pieces.

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