Large Shamanic Dream Crystal 1

Large Shamanic Dream Crystal 1
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Large Shamanic Dream Crystal 1

This beautiful Large Shamanic Dream Crystal 1 is a Brilliant High Quality Piece.  This crystal may also be known as Lodolite or Scenic Quartz.

Shamanic Dream Crystal Is found in both India and Brazil. This dreamy stone features intricate inclusions that create all sorts of unique patterns and colours.

The colours you see within the crystal might vary from reddish (which would mean there were Iron traces) to green (Traces of Chlorite).

Other Dream Crystal’s might  have hints of Smokey Quartz, Citrine or even Rutile, which is far rarer to see.

Shamanic Dream Crystals are Loving Heart Based Crystals, used for stabilising and Spiritual growth. They are also used of course for dreaming, hence the name, Dream Crystal.

A few other uses are Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Meditating and Scrying.

The Dimensions of this Crystal are: 

Height: 3cm

Width: 6cm

Depth: 8cm


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