Epidote Rainbow Quartz Cluster 1

Epidote Rainbow Quartz Cluster 1
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Epidote Rainbow Quartz Cluster 1

An Epidote Rainbow Quartz Cluster 1. This High Quality piece has shards of Epidote Crystal embedded in Rainbow quartz, forming a unique crystal cluster.

This beautiful natural crystal has great healing properties and is helpful when raising energy or releasing negativity.

Epidote is brilliantly helpful when trying to get out of Depression or negative thought patterns and it also helps to raise spiritual and mental awareness. This is  a powerful crystal.

The gentle Rainbow Qaurtz, whilst having all the healing properties of Quartz is also used to activate all the chakras.


  • Height: 6cm
  • Width: 7.5cm
  • Depth: 4cm

Please note given the nature of this product, there may be imperfections and that this is a delicate piece.

This is just one of our many One -Off crystal pieces.

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