Double Dreamcatcher

Double Dreamcatcher
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Double Dreamcatcher

  • Main Hoop Approx: 9cm Ø
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Super bright rainbow colours
  • With feather, beads, stones
  • Loop for hanging
  • Handmade in Bali

Super vivid medium dreamcatcher made with multicoloured rainbow faux suede and equally bright feathers. Complete with colourful beads and eye-catching little stones. Dreamcatchers are traditionally believed to be a protection, particularly for children, against bad dreams.

Native Americans believed that all dreams, both good and bad, came from the sky at night. As the dreams floated down they would flow through the dreamcatcher where the bad dreams would get stuck and the good dreams would continue through to be enjoyed. The stuck bad dreams would stay there until morning when they would be dissolved by the first rays of sunlight.

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