Black Dreamcatcher

Black Dreamcatcher
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Black Dreamcatcher

  • Really Cool and Decorative Dream Catcher
  • Rainbow threading on the webbing inside of the black hoops.
  • A graduated size dreamcatcher with 4 drops.
  • Has multi coloured webbing and black feathers
  • Approx. 76cm long (from top of hanging part to longest feather) largest hoop 16cm widest

The Dream Catcher Story The Dream Catcher is to be hung by the window or at the head of your bed. Traditional beliefs hold that dreams come from outside ourselves. Thus the dream catcher is meant to act as a spider web and catch the good dreams to ease us through the day. The bad dreams pass through the hole in the centre to be burned up by the rays of the sun. The feathers symbolize air or the breath of life.

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