Angel Workshop CD

Angel Workshop CD


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Angel Workshop CD

Angel Workshop CD – Jacky Newcomb is an angel teacher and runs workshops all over the UK. She has written for many of the UK’s leading holistic and paranormal magazines (including Vision, and Fate and Fortune, and runs a column (‘Dear Angel Lady’) for CHAT ITS FATE magazine.

Paradise Music is proud to present an Angel Workshop CD, written and presented by Jacky Newcomb with music composed and performed by Llewellyn (from the album Crystal Angels), including vocals by both Llewellyn and Juliana.

Tracks on this CD are:
1. Introduction to Angels by Jacky
2. Guardian Angels and Archangels
3. Communicating and working with the Angels
4. Grounding & Protection Exercise – inner sanctuary
5. Understanding messages and sign from the Angels
6. Automatic writing – exercise
7. Asking for Angelic protection, help, healing and guidance
8. Archangel Michael – exercise meditation & affirmation
9. Archangel Gabriel – exercise meditation & affirmation
10. Archangel Ariel – exercise meditation & affirmation
11. Archangel Rafael – exercise meditation & affirmation
12. Trust

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