Angel Gabriel Candle

Angel Gabriel Candle


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Angel Gabriel Candle

Angel Gabriel Candle – Angel Gabriel Positive Affirmation Stained Glass Effect Angelic Candle & Holder

The following Gabriel affirmation is written on it: I bestow onto you clarity, freedom and hope. Feel the lightness of your soul, and the eternity of the Devine love.

Candle Tin measures 14″ Long & 6″ Wide

The only Archangel depicted as female in art and literature, Gabriel is known as the “messenger” Angel and is one of the four Archangels named in Hebrew tradition and is considered one of the two highest-ranking Angels in Judeo-Christian and Islamic religious lore. Apart from Michael, she is the only Angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament.

She is a powerful and strong Archangel, and those who call upon her will find themselves pushed into action that leads to beneficial results.

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