Crystal Pendulums 

Crystal pendulums are said to channel energy from the universe through your body. Have you ever not been sure about something and want some help on deciding from the universe? If the answer is yes than a Crystal Pendulum could be just what you need.

To use a crystal pendulum you must hold it by the top of the chain, close your eyes and clear your mind. Once you are in a completely neutral state the pendulum should reflect this, often by rocking side to side. Once you have got to this stage you can find out what your positive and negative signals are.

While still holding the pendulum by the chain change your thoughts to a resounding ‘YES POSITIVE’, the pendulum should then start to spin or move in some way. Generally a yes positive will mean the pendulum spinning in a clockwise motion. You can then repeat this process but replace the ‘Yes Positive with ‘No Negative’ and see what the pendulum does.

Once you have you ‘Yes Positive’, ‘No Negative’ and ‘Neutral’ signals you are ready to start asking the pendulum questions and let the Universe help you out!